Join us for a series of short episodes exploring the Author Journey from Writing, Editing, choosing the best publishing route for them, along with useful hints and tips for publishing your way.

A catch up with Elsie Butler

Join Jemma in this episode with Elsie Butler, Author of Days of Wandering.

Elsie gives us an insight into 'life as an Author' and where her writing inspiration began and where it continues to grow.

Work in Publishing

Join the Daisa Publishing team for their round-up to celebrate the #workinpublishing week. We discuss all things publishing, from our editing, animating and illustrating roles to what we have planned in 2020! 

Join Daisa, Jade and Jemma in 'the morning after the night before' where we have a catch up about the incredible Author Showcase and Celebration Evening at Water's Edge. Thank you once again for all the support, it was a great night had by all.  

Join the Daisa & Co team; Managing Director Daisa, Commissioning Editor Jade, Editor Aimee and Junior Editor Jemma for their special announcement and what's next for Daisa & Co... 

Daisa & Co's Junior Editor, Jemma sat down with Author David Black to see how he's getting on since the launch of his debut novel, 'My Brother's Keeper' in June 2019. 

Daisa & Co’s FAQs

This episode features Jade, Aimee and Jemma taking a look at the frequently asked questions at Daisa & Co! We aim to demystify the publishing process as best we can whether it be at submission stage or in the final stages of marketing and promotion! If you have a question that we haven't covered, we can guarantee you won't be the only person to perhaps need answers, so drop us a line on our FAQs section on our website.

Meet Daisa Morgan, the Founder and Managing Director of Daisa & Co. Our passion for publishing and our enthusiasm for the Author journey all starts with Daisa. She has had so many unique experiences within the publishing industry and on her own Author journey, she started this company to share her knowledge with other aspiring Authors... 

The Daisa & Co team attended Author David Black's Book Launch as he introduced his debut title My Brother's Keeper. Aimee & Jade managed to steal a few minutes to catch up with David, to see how his evening was going. Congratulations, David Black! 


This episode features Jade, Aimee and Jemma having a conversation about the brilliant Daisa & Co community. We are are a small team with big hearts and we are very fortunate to be able to share our passion with like-minded people. 

Jemma is having a chat with Children's Writer, Michael O'Connor who is set to launch his book this Summer 2019. Scrambled Eggs is Michael's debut novel, it is a poetic and loveable story about the animals in Bobaroo Bay! 

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